Why I like to Journal

Why I like to Journal

I haven’t always journaled. When I was a small child I would journal, but I think it was more the decorating of the pages I enjoyed, not so much the writing. I was also a little worried my two older brothers would find it and read my deepest thoughts and secrets. So I kept everything inside where it was safe.

Many years on and I am now enjoying journaling. I only really took it up at the start of 2019. In saying that, I have been lovingly creating Journals and Junk Journals for other people, for a much longer time. I enjoy making them so much I started selling them on my website.

I don’t Journal every day and I don’t feel that I need to. I only Journal to clear my head or if I’m struggling to find the answer to a problem I can’t talk to anyone about. My Journal is like having that best friend that you know will never tell your secrets and thoughts, no matter how bizarre they are, to anyone. My journal is always ready to listen, not giving you the answers or always trying to fix things.

The pages are guilt-free, judgement-free and always ready to listen without comment. I love that. And at the end, when I am finished writing and my hand is cramping with ink on my fingers, I feel at peace. My mind can rest knowing every word is safely tucked away.

I write about good times, sad times, angry times, but mostly I write about things I don’t want to forget. I learn from everything I write down.

So if you are thinking about starting your own journal, don’t feel pressured that you must write in it every day. This is your Journal and you will find your own rhythm.

Write your words down knowing there is no judgment, no opinion.

Just Write

Happy Creating xo

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