Train trip to Threads & More

Train trip to Threads & More

I had a very exciting day on Monday. I went on a train trip to Threads & More at Sherwood in QLD with two of my knitting friends. We worked on our projects on the train and before we knew it the long trip was over and we where there. I even finished my hand spun silk and merino scarf with pearl beads. I will post a photo of it soon. The shop was full of goodies and the staff were very helpful and inspiring.  I was able to stock up on some silk for felting. So I will keep you all posted on my next project with the silk.

I am going to Victoria this weekend and my friend has an itinerary for all the great new craft shops opened up. So I am looking forward to that. I will have too leave room in my suite case for some crafty goodies to bring back.

Well have a great creative week and weekend and I will be back next week. Cheers

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  1. Hi Tracey Lee
    I am a beginner knitter and have been blown away by your website. I have been on many websites and have not been inspired like this before. Your bears are to die for they are so cute. I have sent you an order for two! I was going to start
    a scarf this weekend but have decided to wait as I want to see yours as I am entriged with how you have used beads. Anyway I can’t wait to see your scarf and I will look forward to your next update.

    1. Thanks for your kind comments. Keep posted as I will be adding more and more to my blog. If you get a chance – send me a phot of your finished scarf, I’d love to see it.

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