Sorry it’s been so long!

Sorry it’s been so long!


Sorry its been a while since my last chat.

Now that the warmer weather has set in I don’t get to play in my new Art studio for very long. Hopefully over the Christmas break we will be able to get the Air Conditioner installed and I will be able to spin till my hearts content. I had a very unexpected guest the other day on my steps. I was walking along looking at some of my hand spun and before I could do anything there she was a big snake. She was “This Big” ( my arms are way out to my sides hehe) no not really she was about a meter long, but when you have a snake right under your feet and nowhere to go, only up, it may as well be ginormous. All I could do was lift my legs as high up as possible and hope she went away. I felt like I was doing an Irish gig.

After my shock, I locked myself  in my Art studio and spun away. I have added some new bright colours for spring and summer. They have spun up beautifully and so soft. Some of them look good enough to eat like ice cream.  Oh ice cream would be nice. It’s so hot here today, but I am trying to eat healthy so no ice cream.

Anyway, I hope everyone enjoyed the pattern of the Bits n Pieces Bag. It would make a great Christmas present or presents depending on how fast of a knitter you are. You can never have too many bags. I have one for different sewing projects, knitting projects and also crochet. Its endless.

One of my very special friends, and very talented Artist, Cindy, from Paint in your Pyjamas, is leaving to go to England for 6 months with her husband and children. She is taking with her some Tracey Lee originals. It will be sad to see her go, but at least I know she will be warm. I have attached some photos of Cindy and her children in what has been knitted with one or less (50kg to 100kg) skeins of hand spun. They all looked beautiful and cozy. They were then whipped off after I took my photo’s of them, as its boiling hot here at the moment.  They will have plenty of opportunity to wear them in England. Burrr

I seem to have waffled on a bit. Never mind, its good to catch up. I am off to do some more spinning now that the sun is behind the tree’s. So keep checking my Blog and online shop as there will be more yummy colourful yarn to add to your gorgeous creations.

Happy creating xo

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