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Rosa Lee – Tee Lee Bear Sorry Sold

Rosa Lee has beautiful green eyes with fluttering eyelashes and looks stunning in her merino and silk handspun snuggly scarf and button hat.

Welcome to the world of T-Lee Bears. These funny little bears, well I think they are Bears, but I have been told they look like pretty rats, have been individually made and created by me. Each Bear is an individual and takes on a new life of its own when being created. I am never sure how they will turn out until they are dressed in their newly hand spun and hand knitted garment which also made by me. It is only then that they are given their names and a funny little face is looking up at me.

Each T-Lee is made from 100% percent cotton and filled with a top quality Poly Flock with plastic/glass beads for weight in their bottoms and paws. T-Lee’s are all movable and their joints are 20mm plastic plugs. Even though these little joys are not suitable for children under 3, they have been made durable enough for the big kid at heart, like myself, who need a big hug every now and then.

Weight 0.230 kg
Dimensions 29 × 10 cm


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