Old Charm Lap book Junk Journal -Sold


Old Charm Lap Book Junk Journal is so much fun. There are pockets and tags on just about every page with loads of room to add even more tags and your own story. You could re-gift the tags or just make your own creations. There are 7  flip out journal pages for you to explore. The spines are beautifully sewn with raw silk leaving stray threads to add to the character. There are  little travel jotter journal and a secret parcel with some goodies to add to your Lap Book Junk Journal

The more the Lap Book Junk Journal is used for writing or adding memorabilia the better it will look and become your very own piece of vintage treasure.

Old Charm Lap Book Junk Journals are all made out of some recycled cardboard, paper, and items that have also been gifted to me to use on my Junk Journals.

Old Charm Lap Book Junk Journal is also made out of glue, washi tape, silk, and hand and machine sewing.


Enjoy and happy creating



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