New T-Lee Bears to add to the T-Lee family

Possum Pie

New T-Lee Bears to add to the T-Lee family

Rosa LeeLauranceWell the holidays are over and back to work. The past few weeks have been busy. I have made tree more T-Lees to add to the collection Possum Pie with her sweet little handspun silk headband and cute blanket with her favorite bug buttons. Rosa Lee in her snuggly scarf and button hat and Lawrence with his sweet love heart eyes looking very serous in his handspun tie and hat, carrying his leather bag.

I never know what they will look like until I spread all my buttons over the dining table and pull out all my fleece to arrange colour for spinning.Whenever I finish I like to look back and if they make me smile or laugh I know they are finished. I hope you have a giggle too.

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