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Hello Everyone, Well my friends are  on their way home now and I wish them a safe journey and we will miss them till next time. We had a great time and I also got to meet a new friend from Ireland who is now traveling...

Hello Everyone, sorry its been a while. I have been sick with a chest infection, but I am now on the mend. I have some friends staying with me and they have cheered me up, I only hope I don't give them this terrible cold. Before...

Tracey Lee Art Studio in progress. [caption id="attachment_1756" align="alignright" width="290"] Mia Puss Cat and Jimmy Dog[/caption] Hello all my fellow crafters and Fiber Artists. I hope everyone has had a creative time. Well my art studio is almost finished. I am so excited. At last I will be...

Hello to all my fellow crafters and Fibre Artists. Its been a while since my last post, but I have good news.  No, great news. I am now working on Tracey Lee full time. YAY!! Yes, I have given up my full time day job...

Christmas is over and we are well and truly into the new year. I hope everyone had a great time over Christmas  and managed to kick your heels
[caption id="attachment_1763" align="alignright" width="290"]This is Jenny King. In my eye’s Queen of Crochet This is Jenny King. In my eye’s Queen of Crochet[/caption][caption id="attachment_1767" align="alignright" width="290"]This is Jimmy, my cute little fella This is Jimmy, my cute little fella[/caption][caption id="attachment_1768" align="alignright" width="290"]This is little Jimmy taking a nap. He is sooo cute. This is little Jimmy taking a nap. He is sooo cute.[/caption] Hello All Sorry it’s been a while, so much has happened since my last post I'll try and  remember everything. Well I had a Birthday, the big Four O (40), but I still feel like a kid at heart, although
Hi All, I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas. I sure did. All I did was eat, drink, sleep and socialise. I must admit no craft got done and now that the festivities are over I am all refreshed and ready to go. I did however
Beach CoralI had fun spinning these two skeins up. The Autumn Forest was spun from fine merino. I blended lime green, orange,yellow with a little bit of blue, this made the green come up a bit darker and look more earthy. I then spun up
Rosa LeeLauranceWell the holidays are over and back to work. The past few weeks have been busy. I have made tree more T-Lees to add to the collection Possum Pie with her sweet little handspun silk headband and cute blanket with her favorite bug buttons. Rosa Lee in her
[caption id="attachment_1783" align="alignright" width="290"]Purl’s Palace Purl’s Palace[/caption][caption id="attachment_1785" align="alignright" width="290"]My Handspun Pearl Scarf My Handspun Pearl Scarf[/caption]Hi All, I am back from Victoria. I had a great time catching up with friends and family, but it all went too fast. I had many memorable moments, but one that was pretty special