My Art Studio is almost finished!!!

My Art Studio is almost finished!!!

Tracey Lee Art Studio in progress.

Mia Puss Cat and Jimmy Dog
Mia Puss Cat and Jimmy Dog

Hello all my fellow crafters and Fiber Artists. I hope everyone has had a creative time.

Well my art studio is almost finished. I am so excited. At last I will be able to leave my half done projects on the table and not have too pack it up to make way for dinner. My window and flooring will be arriving this weekend, so another busy weekend building and constructing. Well I do all the holding and go-forring. In other words I am the lackey, but I don’t mind because at the end of it’s all  for me. YAY.

I have been so lucky as the weather in  Queensland has been perfect to get all my hand spun wool dry and a chance to work on my Art studio. Unfortunately no lazing about for me in the sun unlike my furry friends Mia puss cat and Jimmy dog.

Now that Winter is here its  a great time to start a nice colourful scarf to uplift our wardrobes. With Tracey Lee hand spun there is no need to choose a difficult pattern as the wool has been designed to look great with the most  simplest of pattern. Take out your 8mm (US11) knitting needles cast on 15 to 20 stitches and knit every row until finished for a chunkier look or knit one row and purl the next continuing these two rows until finished. I would love to see your finished Tracey Lee scarfs and I may even send a treat to my favorite 🙂

I have also been madly working on my T Lee Bear kits. I hope to have my first kit available soon. So keep posted

Until next time enjoy your week and keep creating.

Cheers xo

Tracey Lee

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  1. Tracey your studio looks great. I recently took over a very small study in our house as my own personal sewing room/retreat and I love it. I can even play the music I enjoy without my teenage children complaining!!
    I finished the scarf I was knitting and owe you a photo..I love it and it has received lots of comments down here in not so sunny Melbourne! Good scarf weather and great knitting weather. I have just ordered another skein from your collection and you are so right, the yarn is the standout feature.Happy spinning… Leigh 🙂

    1. Hi Leigh, Thank you so much for your lovely email. I am so happy you have your own sewing room, it really does make a difference when you have your own space to be creative. I can’t wait until my little studio is up and running.
      Yes, Melbourne would be a bit chilly at the moment, oh the memories of freezing mornings. I am excited about seeing your scarf that you knitted, so yes please email me a photo. I posted your skein off this afternoon so you should have it soon. Again thanks so much and I hope you enjoy your new hand spun. I cant wait to see what you make with it. Take care. Cheers Tracey Lee 🙂

  2. Hi Tracey,
    Your workshop looks gorgeous! I can’t wait to visit and see it for myself. Melbourne is frezzing at the moment, and the visit to the warmer part of Aust would be great.
    Jo D

    1. Hi Jo
      Thank you for your email and I am looking forward to seeing you too. It is a bit cold here. Its about 20 to 21. That’s cold for us QLDer’s :-). Hopefully we will have my Art Studio finished this long weekend. See you soon.

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