Last Month of Winter

Last Month of Winter

Hello Everyone

I hope you have all had a great winter so far! I can’t believe we are into our last month. I have been busy this winter  visiting my family in Victoria, had High Tea with Tonia Todman. I have also been to a few parties and I have a couple more dress up parties to go too. So much fun and never too old to get dressed up.

I  rearranged my Art Studio so it’s a lot more functional for me now.  It’s a bit of a mess at the moment from all the fleece I am spinning up. I will post a photo once I clean it up. Don’t want to show you mess ;D

Just to remind everyone there is free shipping on all Hand Spun. There is not much left at the moment so be quick to get and original piece of Hand Spun Art yarn. If you can’t think of what to make, but really like a piece, grab it, put it in your stash for a rainy day or a fantastic present for someone special. Christmas is not too far away. Don’t forget you can add hand spun to commercial yarn. So if you are working on a big item like a jumper or vest you can always make your creation stand out with Tracey Lee Hand Spun. Just saying 🙂

Enjoy and keep creating my creative Lovelies xo

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