How to Make Coffee / Tea Stained Paper for Junk Journalling

How to Make Coffee / Tea Stained Paper for Junk Journalling

I just love the sound of coffee and tea dyed paper. The crackling and the stiffness is just so satisfying, not to mention the smell. It’s funny how something so simple to make can be so effective in your journals. I have my own little process of how I create my Coffee/Tea stain paper which I’m happy to share with you.

Let’s begin.

  • First, I usually make up a big batch of dye, but we’re going to start off with a smaller batch for this demo.
  • Get yourself a 2-litre jug. Doesn’t matter if its plastic or glass.
  • Fill it with hot water from the kettle and throw in about 6 tea bags. You can always add more if you want it darker.
  • If you want to make a coffee blend dye, the same method with the jug and water, only add in 6 to 7 big heap spoonfuls of instant coffee. Again, you can add more coffee depending on the strength of the coffee. I use a cheap Nescafe brand and find 7 spoonful’s enough.
  • Storage tip – I collect empty pasta jars and store my hordes of beautiful muddy brown liquid in them.
  • Now set your oven to 180 to 200c fan force.
  • While your oven is heating up prepare your workstation.
  • I lay out a big sheet of bubble wrap.  It recycles well and cleans up nicely.
  • Once your beautiful brown liquid has cooled enough for your hands, pour it into your baking trays. I have a few that I only use for dying and they are quite deep. I use one for dipping and two for baking.
  • Now it’s time to dip your paper of choice into your tray of dye, once thoroughly soaked, lay as many as you can on your bubble wrap to sit and set until you’re ready to load them into empty clean baking trays to be put into the oven.
  • From here the process is quite fast so keep an eye on your oven, it could take a minute for paper cooking time depending on your oven and then just keep dipping and replacing until your all done.
  • When you are happy with the amount of paper you have, I put a few heavy books on them and leave them for a few hours. This helps smooth out any curled edges in the paper, but you don’t have to do this if your happy with the effect you have.
  • Now the only thing left to do is make beautiful vintage style journals and enjoy that lovely crackling of the pages as you turn them.
  • Enjoy xo



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