Handsome Scarf part 2

Handsome Scarf part 2

Well I finally finished my husbands scarf on Saturday night.  It looks great on him and he’s amazed how soft it is. Well that’s what you get with silk and alpaca. Beautiful yummy soft scarf. It didn’t come up as chunky as I would have liked it to, but I did use finally spun yarn. The main thing is my husband was really happy with it.

This is the handsome man himself, looking all rugged like. 🙂

As the yarn was interesting enough I only used a very basic knit/purl pattern.

  • Using Tracey Lee chunky yarn ( one skein about 50gm)
  • 8ml knitting needles
  • Cast on 24st
  • 1st row knit 6 st, purl 12 st, knit 6
  • 2nd row purl 6st, knit 12st, purl 6
  • Continue these two rows until you are at the length that suites you.

See easy, but effective.

Have fun and I hope you find something on my web site to knit up a handsome scarf or a pretty one.


Tracey Lee

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